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Roof Moss Cleaning

CB Home Services saves you time by cleaning your composite roof of moss. This is the most common roof service we provide. We clean the mosss off of your composite roof in a staged process to eliminate the moss to its roots! We first remove the moss by using high-pressurized air, safely dislodging the moss from the seams and surfaces of the composite roof in a non-damaging method. This stage removes the bulk of the moss that can be seen from the ground level. After we complete the moss removal with our air system, we then move into the second stage of the process and apply a zinc based moss formula that kills the moss to its roots. The third stage is to clean the moss that has been removed from your composite roof. We rake up the bulk of the moss, and then blow the remaining small pieces into your yard to be picked up by the mower (further cleaning can be provided at the customers request). After the moss has been eradicated from your roof, it will grow back! We live in a wet and dark climate, and moss grows quickly. Because of this, we recommend an annual treatment on your roof to keep the moss from growing. You can read more about this service Here, or ask us after we complete the roof cleaning. Gutter Cleaning and Window Cleaning are services that often accompany Composite Roof Cleaning. Click here for a free estimate!

Roof Moss Cleaning Duvall